Providing the reins of command - in emergencies.
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Welcome to Missouri Air Force MARS

James Duncan, AFA7VV State MARS Director

Randy Atkinson, AFA7BZ Deputy State MARS Director

Mike Salmon, AFA7MK State Emergency Coordinator



With nearly 40 members statewide, Missouri is one of the largest state organizations in U.S.A.F. MARS nation-wide. Our members are spread out across the state, located in the state's three largest population centers (Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield) as well as many small towns in between. Members come from all walks of life but share a mutual desire to support the Department of Defense MARS program by volunteering their time, stations, and skills as contingency communicators.


What is MARS?

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense  (DOD) with two branches consisting of Army and Air Force and authorized under DOD Instruction 4650.02. A third service branch, Navy/Marine Corps MARS ceased operations 30 September 2015 and it's members either transferred to one of the remaining branches or sunsetted themselves. Members are licensed amateur radio operators interested in military communications who volunteer to provide auxiliary or emergency communications on a local, national, or international basis as an adjunct to normal communications. 


This site exists to provide information on the Air Force MARS program in the State of Missouri along with timely information for the general public. Its primary purposes are to aide recruiting new members to the Missouri Air Force MARS program and to provide members with information and other services to assist them in fulfilling the mission of U.S.A.F. MARS.


For additional information or to apply for membership, contact the State MARS Director through this site.


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